Cool Cat Culture: A Black Cat Quiz

Photo Apr 13, 10 26 03 PMEvery cat I’ve had as an adult has been black. You know, you don’t pick cats; they pick you. And for some reason, black cats pick me! After losing a second black cat to cancer last year, I went to the Columbia Animal Shelter to adopt a new cat, and my only requirement was that it not be black. What happened as soon as I walked into the “Cat Room?” A black cat picked me. And so it is, Baghera is my third black cat!

It’s especially fun having a black cat at Halloween. I love answering the door for trick-or-treaters with a black cat in my arms. It’s also neat to see “your cat” on virtually all Halloween cards and decorations. In the spirit of Halloween, The State newspaper addressed black cats today, and they also featured a black cat quiz, which I promptly failed. Try your hand at it and see if you do any better!

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