Coming Around Again with a New Normal

It’s been a while since I blogged! Just when it seemed I could make it a day without sobbing over losing Winston, Dad had a mini-stroke and experienced a fairly big setback with his Lewy body dementia. I have finally gotten back to my morning workouts, but with everything else, my schedule — and life — are just a little out of kilter.

It seems like since early September, things have been crazy. Every week, I say that I didn’t have time to “fill in the blank according to the week,” but “once I get through this week,” I’ll have time. And guess what? Since early September, every week has been crazy! There was the Green Business Conference, trip to Denver, three trips to Atlanta, the loss of Duchess the Cat, the adoption of Begheera the New Cat, the loss of Winston, Dad’s mini-stroke — and the list goes on.

When I was dieting – on and off from the age of 10 to 44 – there were so many “tomorrows.” I’ll start my new diet tomorrow. Ooops I didn’t do so well today; I’ll just eat what I want today and start over tomorrow. There were also a lot of “whens.” When I lose weight, I’ll get that sassy new haircut. When I have time, I’ll start working out. Truth is, those  tomorrows and whens were a long time coming.

My latest iteration of when and tomorrow is “once things get back to normal.” Once things get back  to normal, I’ll have time to cook a week’s worth of meals in Sunday again. Once things get back to normal, I’ll make time to cook more vegetables. It occurs to be, though, that at least for now, things won’t get back to normal. Right now, abnormal seems to be the new normal, and I just need to work with what the week gives me.

Thankfully, this week is less crazy than others. With Thanksgiving this week, many people are off, this I have fewer work meetings and no after hours commitments. I’ll have four days off, maybe even five if I decide to take Monday off,  too.

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