Clean Eating Denver

You may remember my post about clean eating on the road. I’m headed to Denver for a few days, where eating clean may be more of a challenge than usual.   I found a grocer that delivers: Corner Store Denver, which features organic, mostly local items. I’ve placed my order, and it will be delivered the evening I arrive. However, there are still a few problems opportunities:

  1. There are no in-room ‘fridges at the hotel. There is a mini bar ‘fridge, but the space will be quite limited. Thus, I’m only buying one perishable product: milk.
  2. It’s great that the Corner Store is organic and local, but their selection is very limited. They don’t carry soy milk – there’s none made in Colorado – so I’m ordering fat-free milk. I’ll also have to bring a few things from home: peanut butter, oatmeal and nuts.
  3. Since the event is a sustainability workshop, they are offering vegan and vegetarian options. That is a good sign, but since I’m still learning how to like veggies, not all of the options may be things that I eat. I’ve asked the meeting planner to email me the menus, but I’ve yet to hear from her. (She probably thought she’d seen it all until I told her that I was a wanna-be vegan who doesn’t like many vegetables! Ha!)

So, the week of my trip probably won’t be my cleanest eating, nor will it be as balanced as usual, but I’ll have my organic peanut butter banana sandwiches, fruit and oatmeal to see me through!


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  1. Wow! You’re so right. It’s the biggest challenge eating correctly when you’re on the road. I’ve learned to do the same thing you’re doing…packing a few items that aren’t perishable…at least not too quickly.

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