Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Wardrobe

It’s incredible how my work and health worlds are coming together. First, my new lifestyle encourages me to compost, and now, I’m helping organize a clothing swap at the wellness center.

After I finished my session with Traci, Rosanna – the business manager – told me about a client who had a lot of nice clothes that were now too big for her and wondered if I would be interested in talking with her. After I quickly said yes, I told her that I, too, had some nice “too big” clothes and wished I knew someone who could use them. Then almost at the same time, we both had an AHA moment – and decided to plan a one-day clothes swap at the wellness center. We’re still working out the details, but plan to have it on a Sunday afternoon in February.

It’s ironic because my friend Jennifer in Horry County has pledged not to buy any new clothes in 2011 and is blogging about swaps, consignments, etc. on her blog, My Green Glasses. I told her that she’s inspired me.

More details on the swap as they develop.

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  1. I love this idea!!! Every woman has several sets of clothes, things that fit, things that used to fit, things they want to fit, etc….

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