Turns Out Size DOES Matter!

Did you know that an estimated 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? Are you one? I was, until I had a recent fitting!

After losing nearly 100 lbs., I was only recently measured for a new bra, and I was somewhat surprised by the result. While I was losing weight, my bras were the last thing that became too big. When they did, like most women, I headed to the lingerie department of my favorite department store and experimented. After over an hour of trying on different styles and sizes, I basically ended up going down one cup size and a total of four band sizes from a 44D to a 36C. I wasn’t really thrilled with my purchase or the resulting look, but it worked in a pinch.

Recently, I was at a large lingerie store at the beach, and I broke down and got a “bra fitting.” I was quite skeptical and a little uncomfortable as the saleswoman followed me into the fitting room. She pulled out a tape measure, wrapped it around in a few places and quickly declared me a 36DD.

Say what? While I liked the sound of being a “double D,” I knew that couldn’t be right. I’d just been telling my nutrition counselor and friend, Traci, that the one down side of losing the weight had been the loss of my, ahem, womanly charms. If I wasn’t a DD before losing nearly 100 lbs., how in the world could I be one now?

I played along with the saleswoman when she said that she’d bring me a 36DD to try on, but I also asked her to bring some with smaller cup sizes. Imagine my surprise when the 36DD was not only a perfect fit, but made me look more endowed that I did when I walked in the store.  Still, though, I wasn’t the image of Dolly Parton that comes to mind when you hear of a “double D” woman! I wondered aloud, “What’s up with that?”

The saleswoman explained that I, like most women, were undereducated about bra sizing. It’s not about selecting the most comfortable band size, then guessing on the cup size. It’s actually a ratio of band size to cup size. You measure both, and the difference between the two determines the cup size. You subtract the band measurement from the cup measurement, and the difference in inches gives you the cup size. In my case,  the difference in mine was five inches, which indicated that I was a DD.

As far as my cup size increasing with my weight loss, it really makes sense. When I was larger, my circumference, i.e. band size, was larger, so there was less a difference between the band and cup sizes.

So finding the right size bra has been life-changing! I look better with the right bra, but more importantly, I’m more comfortable. No more poking, binding or riding up! No more straps slipping down!  It’s great!

So, if you think you know what size bra you wear, but aren’t too happy with your current bras, try a bra fitting. You may be surprised!

Have you ever had a bra fitting? Were you pleased and/or surprised by the results?

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