Blog the Vote…Or Should It Be Vote the Blog?

In July, I entered Lexington Medical Center’s Every Woman blog contest. It now appears that one of the criteria is support from the public.

LMC is asking people to show their support for their favorite blogger on LMC’s Facebook page. I don’t have time to launch a campaign, but I am competitive, so I’d like to ask you to support me via a quick post.

What started as a way for me to hold myself accountable to a new way of life has become an integral part of my success, and I hope the success of others. Through the blog, I’ve connected with and received support from others across the United States who are facing similar challenges. I’ve been able to share the resources I’m fortunate enough to have access to, including my nutritionist and trainer.  I’ve also been able to show others that it IS possible for a 40-something-year-old-woman to return to her college weight – not through surgery, shots or shock diets – but through basic clean eating and regular exercise.

Should I be fortunate enough to win, I plan to use half of the $250 stipend toward the purchase of a lap top to facilitate my blog easier. I will donate the other half to St. Lawrence Place, a local non-profit who provides support services, life skills, and transitional housing to enable homeless families to achieve independent living as productive members of the community. I chose St. Lawrence Place because their director has a personal mission to teach their families the importance of clean eating and how they can accomplish it on a lean budget.

Thanks for your consideration!

  1. I too didn’t realize when they started the contest that it would be public-opinion driven. I thought that they would sift through their entries and pick a wide variety of strong, intelligent female voices, not just the ones who had their friends and families “vote” for them via LMC’s Facebook page.

    That’s so great that you would donate half of the prize money to a local charity though! Great thinking, shows that you are definitely have your heart in the right place.

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