Because Recipes Don’t Have to Be Like Standardized Tests

I was never a math girl, so recipes have been a challenge Whole_wheat_penne,_cooked_and_uncookedfor me. My favorite recipe calls for 8 oz. of uncooked pasta, which I usually double. Unfortunately, whole wheat pasta doesn’t usually come in 16 oz. boxes, so I’m left trying to figure out exactly how much dry pasta to cook. (Doesn’t that just sound like a standardized test math problem?) Unlike standardized tests, in real life there is Google. Following are a couple of sites that have helped me, particularly in terms of how much dry pasta is in an ounce. (Depending on pasta shape, 16 oz. is generally four cups.)

  1. Your Questions About Measuring Pasta
  2. Ounces to Cups: A Guide to Estimating Pasta Yield

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