April 2017 Non-Scale Victories


  1. Attended FrogWatch USA training at the zoo.
  2. Ordered some new, better-fitting clothes because life is  too short to fight the battle of the closet every morning.
  3. Woke up a little late, but still made it to work on time.
  4. Made my second aneurysm presentation.
  5. 34 weeks in a row at the gym.
  6. (See #2) And many were too big.
  7. Decided to work on budget before buying groceries, which can wait for the rest of the weekend and a list.
  8. Did Mom’s taxes tonight. It was a victory being able to do them; helping Mom was a great bonus.
  9. Walked at the River, and even though I took a hard fall on some cement, I recovered well.
  10. Actually rested all day on my prescribed day of rest.
  11. Toured the Easter candy aisle at CVS, but walked out empty-handed.
  12. 35 weeks in a row at the gym. (17 to go for a perfect year.)
  13. Ate lettuce and tomato on my boxed lunch sandwich, gave away the cookie and ate an apple instead.
  14. Rested and watched old movies on my day off.
  15. Met Dolly at Soda City for brunch, then walk-through.
  16. Overate a little, but recorded in MFP anyway to be accountable.
  17. 36 weeks in a row at the gym.
  18. Made City Council award presentation. Thankfully had a mic.
  19. Jarrett moved me up a bit in intensity during strength training.
  20. Best. JNF. Class. Yet!
  21. Registered for a tai chi class
  22. Went to Soda City early to work a booth and was able to snack a $10 box of produce. Also ate before I went so I wouldn’t overindulge. Pink Lemonade Cake night at the Elliott’s house.
  23. Made it up, dressed and to church in less than 30 minutes. Made soup instead of going to Original Pancake House.
  24. Cooked egg cups and made a week’s worth of overnight oats tonight.
  25. 37th week in a row at the gym, and it was a great workout!
  26. Great dental cleaning today. I’ve been trying to floss more, and it made a big difference in the cleaning. Don’t feel all sore gummed tonight.
  27. First Tai Chi class. Got way out of my comfort zone, physically and otherwise.
  28. Challenging day, but it appears my executive functioning back on today.
  29. Worked a shift at Edventure’s Mini Maker Faire and had a relaxing and fun day with Sister.
  30. Had a REALLY relaxing Sunday. Productive, but also relaxing.