Accentuate the Positive

Today’s post is more for me than anyone. I had a frustrating day yesterday. After meeting with Traci on Wednesday, I was determined to increase the volume of veggies in my daily diet. Yesterday, I ate carrots, added spinach to my soup and made a whole wheat pizza with spinach. And I wasn’t happy. I added too much spinach to the soup, and it really changed the taste of it. And last night’s pizza seemed more like an assignment than a life change, although I did enjoy it.

I chatted via phone with Traci this morning, who made me feel better about the small steps that I am taking, but I decided to review some of the positive changes that I have made instead of dwelling on my shortcomings with veggies. Here goes:

  • I am working out practically every day, where before I wasn’t working out at all.
  • I’ve given up fast food cold turkey. That’s no small feat considering how much Sister and I were eating out.
  • I have tried a lot of vegetables and even though I’m not eating enough, have dramatically increased from what I was eating before – NONE!
  • I haven’t had sweet tea or a soft drink – diet or regular – in over two months.
  • I’ve gone from not being able to do two minutes on the elliptical to this morning’s 16 minutes.
  • I’ve lost 18 lbs. and at least one pants size.
  • I’ve given up processed foods.
  • I’m stronger – for instance, I was able to lift the voting machines by myself this year!
  • I have a healthier outlook on food and eating.
  • I haven’t had a migraine in over two months.
  • I’ve worked through some knee pain and, in fact, been able to strengthen my knee.
  • I’m learning to make healthy alternatives to processed things. Tonight, I made my own dry Ranch dressing to use in my Taco Soup (no MSG). Last week, I learned to make my own taco seasoning (again, no MSG). And this weekend, I’m cooking a turkey to use for sandwiches.

These are all huge postive changes, and I’ve made them in just eight weeks. And they’re changes I’m making for a lifetime, so I supposed if it takes me a few more weeks to get more veggies in,that is okay…

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