Absence Doesn’t ALWAYS Make the Heart Grow Fonder

I saw an old friend at Barnes and Noble last night. She’s been following my progress online and asked if my tastes had really changed or if I miss the food I’ve given up. I really couldn’t answer that question, but today, I gained a little insight.

This afternoon, we had Mom over for lunch, an indoor cookout. I rarely cook meat these days, but when I do, it’s lean turkey meat. Buying groceries, though, I bought some lean ground beef instead, thinking Mom would like it better and it would be a treat for Beth and me.

I was kinda excited about the splurge, but found myself quite disappointed. The hamburger was just so so. The texture seemed a little different than I remembered, and it definitely didn’t leave me longing for another. For someone who used to be known as “the girl who’d request a burger even at the White House,” this is quite a change.

Curious. And a little sad, like saying growing apart from a good friend. But also kinda neat, a good sign that my new lifestyle is “sticking.”


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