A Woman Excited About Being an XL?

You probably never heard of a woman who is excited to be in an XL anything, but today, you will! I was at Kohl’s this morning and saw some old school Adidas workout pants that I loved. You’ve seen them: black with the three white stripes down the side. The trouble was that they weren’t in the “big ladies” section, where I’ve bought my workout pants – and everything else – for quite some time. I pulled out an XL, and feeling confident from my awesome morning workout, threw them in the buggy. What the heck, I thought, I can always return them.

Fast forward to a few hours – and a few shopping stops – later, when I return home. I brought in the Kohl’s bag first and tried on the workout pants – drum roll, please – and they fit! YAY! These will be replacing a pair that I just tossed because they were too big, a 2XL big ladies size.

This is a big damn deal, and I am sooo excited!! Unfortunately, everything else is still in the car, and I have to go unpack it!

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  1. I'm excited for you too, Mary Pat. And good for you for recording your efforts, because it will inspire a lot of people.
    Aunt Rose

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