A Little Surprise at Lunch Today

It just goes to show you that no matter how much you think you know, you can always be fooled!

Case in point: Publix Four Berry Yogurt Parfait.

I love the things. It’s a quick, easy, relatively healthy option for a lunch on the run. Vanilla low-fat yogurt, plain mixed berries and granola. Plus, it comes in the cutest little container, one that I often reuse at home.


This is NOT Jalapeno Cornbread.

Using the Fooducate app, I scanned the UPC code on the cup, hoping to get the nutrition information. But instead of a yogurt parfait, I got information for Jalapeno Cornbread. Ahem.

On MyFitnessPal, it came in at 160 calories. If you know anything about granola nutrition, you know that can’t be right. So I came up with an estimate of 285 calories based on the ingredients. Still, my OCD side wasn’t happy, so I contacted Publix. Within 15 minutes, I had them: Four Berry Yogurt Parfait 84881.

Publix Four Berry Yogurt Parfait IS 160 calories. Without the granola. With the granola? 400 calories!

Now, for lunch, that is not horrible calorie-wise, but it was still quite a bit off from what I expected.

The best thing I can do, which I often do, is to make my own. That way, I can use a lower calorie granola or perhaps even make a substitute. But sometimes, plans go awry and I find myself without lunch and thus at a nearby Publix. At least now I know what I’m dealing with, huh?

Look twice at those nutrition labels. And when in doubt, ask.

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