Worst Workout Side Effects

I loved this article from Greatist: 20 Unfortunate, But Unavoidable Side Effects of Working Out.

I can particularly relate to the following from the list, and the solutions they provided were helpful:

  • You often wake up while it’s still dark out.
  • You need to do laundry more often.
  • You’re all sorts of hungry.
  • You can’t even drown your stinky sorrows in sweet lullabies because your headphones shorted out.

I would add the following to the list, too:

  • You have to go all of the time, #1. I regularly drink at least 64 oz. of water with each training session, sometimes more. I’m ready for a pit stop as soon as I get to the office, usually just when the janitor is in the middle of cleaning. After work, it’s worse; I’m up and down all night long.
  • You don’t recognize your gym peeps outside of the gym, nor do they recognize you.  Especially true if you work out early in the morning. We early birds roll out of bed, brush our teeth and head over to the gym – we gave  up  worrying about bed head and sleep in our eyes a long time ago. Once showered, dressed and made up, we don’t even recognize ourselves, much less each other. (And when you do, don’t be surprised to hear someone say, “I didn’t recognize you with clothes on.” )
  • You know a lot about the people you work out with, but don’t always know their names.  I can tell you a lot about the folks I work out with regularly, from the number of kids they have to the number of reps they do. I know the brand of shoes they wear, what they drive and what they drink to rehydrate. But unless I already know them outside of the gym or chat a lot in between sets, I don’t always know their name. And if I’m lucky enough to recognize them outside of the gym, I’m hard-pressed to introduce them properly.

So, what’s the worst workout side effect that YOU face?




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