Workout Modified

So, in addition to using the recumbent bicycle, I’m now on a modified workout with the trainer. My previously injured knee has been bothering me, so we’re scaling back a bit. I’m a little disappointed that my stupid knee may hinder my progress, but really glad I have qualified folks helping me work through it. If I were on my own, I probably would’ve thrown in the towel.

Today’s training session was modified, and I didn’t sweat as much, but it was still quite a workout. Some things that LOOKED easy were actually quite difficult. And then there was the obliques on ball, which was the most awkward exercise I’ve ever done. By the third set of reps, I was getting used to it, but it was still awkward. The great thing about today’s workout: I had NO knee pain during or after. And that is a good thing!

Before I left, George gave me some knee strengthening exercises to do at home, and I look forward to doing those and hopefully seeing some improvement.

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