The pantry is now organized – If you don’t count the shelves at the tippy top and the catch all container in  the floor. (Those are for NEXT weekend!) I got rid of more junk – old stuff, duplicates and a few foods that aren’t in the new way of eating. I can actually walk in to the pantry again and see what we have, which will make cooking much easier.

I hated that the gym is closed today, but got in my 30 minutes of movement. I went to Starbucks for a small cup of coffee – no sweet drink – and then walked down to Publix to pick a few things up. The walk down without groceries was easier than the walk back with them, but it was a total of 10 minutes at any rate. This evening, Sister and I took the dogs to Quinine Hill Park and walked the remaining 20 minutes on the recycled tire track – easier on my knee – and let the dogs romp around the park. (It’s fully fenced!) Winnie is so sweet – I let him off of his leash so he could explore, but instead, he continued to walk around the track with me. Love my bubbie Winnie!

I already have my lunch packed for tomorrow – in my Laptop Lunch/Bento Boxes, and when I finish this posting, will get my workout clothes ready. Since I workout with Daniel at 5:30 a.m., Tomorrow is one of those days that I need a recumbent bike early. I hope to get to the gym by 5 a.m. so I don’t get stuck on one of the butt-numbing bikes – LOL!

Tomorrow night, I’m going to make whole wheat pasta with Roman beans, IF I can remember to start soaking them before I leave for work in the morning. I hope the beans are as good as I remember in Washington, DC. I’ve given them a big build up!

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  1. 5 AM???? Wow, you are such an inspiration, MP! I just found your blog today, and am looking forward to catching up on all that I missed. YOU GO!!! 🙂

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