What the Heel?

I don’t think I’ve unloaded on my shoe issues on the blog, but suffice it to say that I have finicky feet! I wish I could wear these high heels that look so good, but they always hurt the ball of my foot. I try to wear cute flats, thanks to the guidance of Sister, but I always feel a little dowdy. So I was a little smug when I saw this blurb in this month’s issue of Fitness Magazine:

Wearing high heels can shorten your calf muscles and increase stiffness in your Achilles tendons over time, a new study in the Journal of Experimental Biology finds. Then, when you work out in sneakers, your tendons and calves will no longer be pliable enough to allow your heel to rest on the ground, upping the odds of a strain or tear, says Darlene Reid, D.P.M., spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association.

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  1. I must be dowdy too, then….I NEVER wear heels. HATE them. So happy that those "ballet flats" are still "in style" (aren't they? ha)….. And then you know my obsession with my flops….

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