What the Heck IS Coffee-Mate Anyway?

This post from Organic Authority is quite timely as I’ve just given up “creamers” within the past two weeks.

I’ve just started my third-12 weeks at Doctors Wellness Center, and I’ve been looking for small ways to “up my game,” but I only considered giving up creamer by mistake. I was at The Summit Club for lunch and had a cup of their DELISH coffee, but they didn’t have soy milk, so I drank it without. I then realized that I don’t NEED creamer; the coffee was wonderful without it.

Since my move to eat healthier, I actually switched from Coffee-Mate type creamers to vanilla soy creamer, which is vegan, but it still includes:

  • Palm Oil: A saturated fat
  • Potassium Phosphate: A salt
  • Sodium Citrate: A salt

Nothing that is HORRIBLE, really, especially in the relatively small servings I have, but it’s certainly processed and not quite clean eating!

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