What a Week (What I Ate Wednesday Delayed)

For the record, the past week is one I don’t want to repeat:

  1. To start out, it was Earth Day week. For environmental folks like me, that week – heck, the entire month of April, really – is THE busy time. Like first week of school for teachers or the week before the election for candidates.
  2. Wednesday, Sister came home to find blood all over the house from Cebu. She had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, and she almost died. Between Four Paws and the SC Veterinary Emergency Clinic, we spent some major time with vets. We also shed a lot of tears and lost a lot of sleep. (She is now home and recovering nicely, though.)
  3. We attended a memorial service for Dad. He donated his body to MUSC, and every year, they have a memorial service for the families. It was coordinated and all parts of the service done by medical students, and it was surprisingly touching and emotional. I think I cried more there than I did at Dad’s “funeral.”
  4. As if there was not enough chaos in my life, I decided to try a new nutrition and exercise tracking app, Lose It. It’s not NEARLY as good as My Fitness Pal, so I only did it for a short time. Still, what I DID find time to record is in two different programs.

I hate to make excuses, but 1-4 is why there is no “What I Ate Wednesday” posting today. Things have slowed down, Cebu is home and my emotions are back in check, so next week, there WILL be my accountability posting.


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