Weekly Update/Goals

First, a look at last week’s goals:

  1. Triple volume of veggies eaten. (Achieved this, but only because I ate very few last week.)
  2. In any given day, only one oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich. (Done!)
  3. Six days of planned exercise, including two days of elliptical challenge. 30 minutes above 130 spm: 10 mins at level 2, 10 minutes at level 3, five minutes at level four, five minutes at level five. Should level five be too much, go back to level four, but remain at 130 spm speed. (Didn’t make six days due to a bout of nausea and dizziness over the weekend, but did do the challenge twice.)
  4. Ice and stretch every day. (Didn’t quite hit this one!)
  5. Whatever veggies I cook, bring some for Diane and Tanya to sample. (Since I only did green beans, I didn’t get this done.)

While I have not had a bad few weeks, they haven’t been great! I’m ready to step back up to the plate, and Traci is helping by giving me some pretty strenuous goals for the week ahead.

  1. Same elliptical challenge as last week.
  2. Cook some “soupy beans” (beans w/some pulverized beans added to enhance consistency) to eat alone, add to some whole grains.
  3. Make a Sneaky Chef recipe that includes one vegetable that I hate.
  4. No more than one serving of meat a day.
  5. Eat enough.
  6. Move every day except one.

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