Weekly Goals

My goal list post is late as I’ve been in crisis mode. Wednesday, I came home to find my fab dog, Winston, unable to move his hind legs. The vet and two vet techs rushed over, sedated him and took him by stretcher to their office. This morning, my vet called, and after work, I’ll be saying goodbye to my best friend.

  • I did want to get my weekly goals up, though, so here they are:
  •  Make (and eat) mixed veggies.
  • Five days this week, have at least ½ cup of leafy greens.
  • Limit nuts/peanut butter to one T serving a day.
  • Prepare one new dish that contains veggies.
  • Raise veggie intake.
  • Have six days of planned activity.
  • Be sure to stretch and ice every day.
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