Weekend Update

Crazy three day weekend! Beth and I drove Mom and Dad to Pittsboro, NC on Friday to see Dad’s brother, who is in the final stages of cancer. I had a bad sore throat all day Friday, which has turned into a full blown allergy event by the weekend. I tried to get a few things done and rest, too, so the weekend was a mixed bag. That being said, here are a few notables:

  1. After cooking beans from dried the last few times, I made soup with canned beans this weekend, to save time. And I could seriously tell the difference! The canned beans were harder, not as good.
  2. I was tempted to weigh on more than one occasion this weekend, but didn’t. I am curious which way the numbers are going, but held out.
  3. I exercised today, even  though I usually take Sundays off. I figured that if I’m “in the danger zone,” I need to pull out all the stops.
  4. I finally made the “eggplant recipe” today. I haven’t tried it all put together, but in its separate pieces, it “wasn’t horrible.”
  5. Friday, I had two slices of pizza at my all-time fave pizzeria, Bob’s Pizza in Vass, NC. I’ve been going there since I was a child. I was hungry and had no idea when I’d ever be back, so I had two small slices of plain cheese, enjoyed them immensely and then moved on. No binges, no overeating, no drama.
  6. I didn’t prepare as much food today as usual. I was trying to rest so I could get this allergy event under control. I have a busy week, though, so I’m going to have to step it up to be prepared.


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