Week Two Update – Meh!

The fact that this post is a week late is a testament to my schedule of the last two weeks. I directed the Green is Good for Business Conference on 9/13, then the same week left for a conference in Denver, where I am still today.

Progress on Week Two Goals:

  • Do two elliptical days at levels two and three  above 130 spm for 30 minutes straight. (Did it once. Exercised four days out of seven due to work schedule. Not good, but not gonna beat myself up over just one slack week, especially when I kept my sanity through a crazy busy time!)
  • Eat one cup of leafy greens four days this week (I think I made two of four. See above for excuse, lol!)
  • Make two different dishes, including quinoa. (Yeah, didn’t do this. Didn’t even cook that week!)
  • Help someone at the City who is just getting started on the program by making an extra portion of something I cook and sharing it with them (Identified a person and dish, but didn’t deliver.)

Goals for Week Three (Denver week)

  • Increase volume of food, including veggies
  • Move every day
  • Do circuit training twice on own. (Getting plan from trainer George.)
  • Continue to be consistent.

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