Week Four Wrap Up, Week Five Goals

Wednesday weight: 174.4, one lb. down from last week and a total of 54.4 lbs. lost. I was happy to be down, and while the weight loss has slowed down, I am still moving down.

Week Five Goals, from my meeting with Traci

  1. Try eggplant recipe again. (I had a salt mistake on Sunday!)
  2. Try a new soup recipe that Traci gave me. (I left it at work, but will post later.)
  3. Increase my veggie intake.
  4. Continue  to move every day, stretch and ice heel, but also add 10 minutes – and only 10 minutes – on the elliptical two days this week PLUS a third day on the elliptical for five minutes. (I’m still trying to get over those aches and pain.)
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