Week 2/12 Wrap Up

Today marked the start of week three of my fourth 12 weeks at Doctors Wellness Center.

To recap, my week two goals (and update):

  1. Get veggie intake up. (May truly never meet this goal fully!)
  2. Make one of my pizzas to share with others next week. (Made quiche instead of pizza; took it in this a.m.)
  3. Increase time of the elliptical to 20 minutes, level 1 and 2, at least 120 spm. (Check, actually did at least two days of 30 minutes and added level three.)

My goals for this week:

  1. Get the volume of vegetables up.
  2. One day, not training day or day after, do the following on elliptical: five minutes at level one, 10 minutes at level two, 10 minutes at level 3, five minutes at level four. All minutes should be at 120+ spm.
  3. Keep advocating.
  4. Cook something to bring to share, preferably taco soup.

Today’s weight was 160.4 for a total loss of 68.4. My personal goal for next Wednesday is to be under 160.

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