Wednesday with Traci. On Wednesday!

Another fun visit with Traci!

I didn’t eat enough. Imagine that! The weekends and days off (such as snow days) always throw my schedule off, and I don’t eat as much as I should. Need to work on that. Also need to work on those dang veggies. I did get props for cooking and getting some meals in the freezer.

Goals for the Coming Week

  1. Ice my heel and stretch every day.
  2. Get in more veggies.
  3. No nuts for snacks. (Not because they are bad, but because I rely on them too much!)
  4. Don’t weigh until February 7.

Today I weighed in at 193, down a little bit.  Not too concerned that it wasn’t more. The last time I weighed I lost four lbs., due to being sick over Christmas. Also, I missed a couple workouts with these snow days – the gym was closed along with everything else.

Tonight, I had a good workout, and tried a new thing: the water wheel. Maybe I’m not calling it the right thing – I can’t find a picture of it doing a Google search. I’ll look at it tomorrow and see if there’s a name on it.

Speaking of tomorrow, my 4:30 a.m.alarm will be going off soon!

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