Wednesday Weigh-In, On Tuesday

I just couldn’t stay off the scales, LOL!

This morning, I was down to 172.4, reflecting a total loss of 56.4 lbs! YAY! The last couple of weeks have been slow to show on the scales, so today was a pleasant surprise!

Here is the newest scale goal: not to weigh again until the morning of April 20. I meet with Traci tomorrow, and then skip next week as she will be on vacation. So I’m going to wait until our first meeting after that to weigh in. If I can!

Since I reached 55 lbs., I made my $55 donation to NoFizzCharlotte today, too.

I meet with Traci tomorrow, and I can already say that I didn’t get enough food or veggies this week. Being sick and having a crazy schedule, I didn’t get enough cooking done either. But all of this is something I have to do in crazy times as well as slow ones. Normally, I’d grab Wendy’s on the way home, so oatmeal for dinner isn’t that bad,  really.

It has been a good week for my workouts with Daniel, and every time I work out with him, I feel like I am getting stronger and doing things I couldn’t do before. He told me today that he’s going to start adding some cardio to my training, that I was strong enough to do that now. Yay! (I think!)

More tomorrow after my meeting with Traci!

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