Wednesday Update

I weighed in at 199.6 this morning – under 200 lbs.! And that is a huge milestone! YAY! That makes 29 lbs. that I have lost in 13 weeks. Next milestone – 30 lb. lost – will come soon, then it will be a while before I hit another one…

I met wit Traci today. My goals for this week:

  • Make a new soup, preferably a meatless one.
  • Put in 30 minutes a day on the elliptical, but in two 15-minute sessions.
  • Try that beet! (See below for explanation.)
  • Have fun.

The beet. One of my goals last week was to try a new vegetable. You read the beet story from Saturday. On Monday, I had access to cabbage, which was a new vegetable. So I tried it instead. And it wasn’t horrible, the cabbage. It actually didn’t have much of a taste.

Today’s coolest moment: I was downstairs going through some clothes and found an old black t-shirt packed away because it was not only out of season, but too small. When I saw it, I thought it would be a good workout shirt, but when I held it up, I thought, “Ooh, that’s too small.” But when I tried it on, it was a beautiful fit.

What happened this morning is the wonderful opposite of an annoying thing that USED to happen.  There are two variations. The first is when I’m in a store and see an article of clothing that I like. I look at the sizes and hold one up,  thinking “That is huge.” And then it either fits perfectly or is too small. The second is when Mom buys me an article of clothing, and I explain that she got the wrong size. “But it runs big, see how big it looks?” And then it either fits perfectly or is too small. AGH! I hope neither of those ever happen again, and if they do, it is with a size 12 instead of a size with an X in it!


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