Walk the Walk

Bobby DeMuro, one of my “health heroes,” today invited me to participate in Walk the Walk, a fundraiser for NoFizzCLT and the YMCA of Greater Charlotte.

You may remember me talking about NoFizzCLT, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Charlotte that challenges people in the Carolinas to drink more water, give up soda, and in general live healthier and more active lives.  I took one of their challenges in September 2010 and haven’t had a soda since.

Basically, twelve of us will compete to see who can walk the most steps between July 1 and the last day in August. Businesses will sponsor the walkers, and we’ll all be using social media to spread the word.

I’ll be telling you more about this as I know a little more – stay tuned! It’s going to be great fun for a great cause!

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