Walk the Walk!

Well, it’s finally here! After two months of false starts, the NoFizzUSA Walk the Walk Challenge starts today!

Beginning today, more than a dozen local Charlotte residents and I – the lone Palmetto State representative – will Walk The Walk, tracking the number of steps we take every day for the entire month of September to set an example and provide a positive showing of the simplicity, importance and fun physical activity brings.

No Fizz USA designed the challenge to show young people across the country how easy and enjoyable it is to be active and healthy, is a fun way to get member of local businesses and organizations moving and prioritizing fitness.

You can help! Unfortunately, I have to do all of the stepping, but you can support me by donating to No Fizz USA. It’s just a one-time donation, not a per step pledge, and every dollar donated will help NoFizzUSA work with young people in health outreach programs across the country.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the impact NoFizzUSA has had on my journey to better health. Just days before I started working with a nutritionist and trainer at Doctors Wellness Center, I took one of then NoFizzCLT’s 30 Day Hydration Challenges, where I pledged to give up soda for water for a month. I’m excited to say that I’ve been soda-free since September 1, 2010. Now, Bobby has upped the ante, and I’ve already increased my activity “training” for Walk the Walk.

Thanks in advance for your support, whether it be monetary or in the form of pushing me to get those steps in!

  1. Mary Pat, I pledged ten dollars to you because your story is so inspiring! And furthermore, I an really excited that a Southern based nonprofit dedicated to helping people live healthier did so well that they became national! Step on!

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