Victorious over the Elliptical

I think maybe Traci has figured me out. Give me a challenge or goal – or heaven forbid, a dare – and I’m on it. Gets that competitive spirit all riled up. That, and the joy of fitting in to smaller clothes last night, motivated me to tackle that elliptical for eight to ten minutes goal.

It started out rough this morning. Winnie woke me up clanking his empty water bowl, and when he did get me up, I poured water in his food bowl. Groan…

I got to the gym and did my typical 30 on the recumbent. I figured if the other day on the elliptical was just a fluke that I needed to have my 30 minutes done already! I walked upstairs, half hoping that all of the ellipticals would be full. (No such luck!) So I put on my iPod and hopped on. Half way through, I was even able to do the arm part, too. It felt funny, but I made it 10 minutes. I think I could’ve made it a fwe more minutes, but I did not want to push my luck!

The day is almost over, and so far, so good. I can feel it in my legs – I can tell I’ve bumped up the workout – but I’ve had no knee or hip pain, and that is a great thing!

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