Update: Comeback Week Two

This week was a mix of good and not-so-good.

This week included three days in Chicago, and I prepared for them well. I ordered groceries ahead of time and planned some quick, healthier meal choices. I did indeed go meatless for three days while in Chicago, which was one of my goals.

Despite eating healthier than I would have eating out, I once again found that I cannot have Kashi Go Lean Crunch and just eat it normally. I got it to add to my Green yogurt, which I did, but I also ate it with soy milk for breakfast and a snack. I love the stuff and now remember why I quit buying it.

On the way home,  I had a little setback. I came down with really bad nausea, and instead of just buying some meds at the airport, I tried to counteract it with food: salty snacks, specifically. Also, while in Chicago, I didn’t go to the hotel gym once. I walked stairs and got steps in, but didn’t do cardio.

I don’t have my food journal this week due to some formatting issues, but starting next week, I’m trying MyFitnessPal.com again. Sometimes the calories trip me up, but it also motivates me to exercise more and record my food quantity more accurately. It is also MUCH easier to export and post.

My weight was up a pound, but since it was down four last week, I think that was normal. That and I ate some salty snacks chasing that nausea.


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