Update: Comeback Week One

Food Journals: Week of January 7_2013

This was a “get my groove back” week, and as such, wasn’t a bad week at all. After a stretch with too few vegetables and too many holiday sweets, my goals were to have at least one vegetable a day and no candy. I think I met those goals, even though one or two days, it was only the vegetables in my Taco Soup, i.e. tomatoes and corn.

Today I weighed in for the first time since January 4. I was down 4.2 lbs. I expect that perhaps I’d eaten something salty before that first weigh-in as 4.2 lbs. in 10 days seems a little much. (But I’ll take it!)

More notes:

  • My new food to be OCD about is the Greek yogurt. I love it. Not so bad, I know, but it is more dairy than I usually have. The non-fat makes it a better option, but still probably best not to have it twice a day. (In my defense, usually those are crazy days when it is the easiest grab.)
  • Weekends continue to be my weakest days, generally because I’m “off schedule.”
  • Not enough veggies, I know, especially not enough leafy greens. But I had a lot more this past week than I have in a while.

Goals for the Week of January 14:
I will be traveling this week, and my goals is to not only stay on track, but to go meat-free the three days I am gone. I also want to work out at least five days this week.



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