Two Parts Science + One Part Worm Love = Rich, Healthy Soil

As a longtime “green girl,” I always felt a little guilty that I didn’t compost, but that all changed when I adopted a largely plant-based diet.

Let’s face it, when most of your food comes from either a fast food bag or a paperboard box, there’s not too much to compost. But as I amassed fruit rinds and vegetable peels, it not only became an option, but a necessity. Those fruit flies that suddenly appear as soon as you peel a banana are insane. While not hard to begin with, composting was easy compared to battling those devils.

Today, I have two compost bins, and while I don’t yet have any soil, the number of fruit flies and the weight of my garbage roll cart have both decreased dramatically.

For those of you who don’t compost, but may be interested in trying, check out Five Simple Kitchen Composting Tips, which I spotted via Twitter today. For more of a primer, visit Composting 101.

Do you compost? If so, please share the secrets of your success. I’m still relatively new to this and am always on the lookout for new tips and tricks. If you don’t compost, why not?

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