Two in Two: Days Two and Three

Two days closer to my final assessment with Traci, and so far, so good.

Let me clarify that. I’ve been able to meet my daily goals, but not without a little extra work.

  • I haven’t had any refined carbs, i.e. breads, but it has made things a little more challenging. My “secret weapon” is often a peanut butter banana sandwich on whole grain. It’s quick, easy and portable. I’ve had to plan a little better since it’s not an option right now.
  • I’ve kept my sodium intake down, but again, it’s taken some maneuvering. For the past month, I’ve generally kept my sodium around or below 1500, but some days, it was a little over that. Not having that option right now, I’ve had to switch out some meals and/or eat smaller portions.
  • I have been three days w/o leafy greens, so the next four days, it’s 1.5 cups a day.
  • Limit daily servings of nuts to one. Without having the peanut butter sandwich option, this has actually been easy. I’ve also discovered a fun new option: PB2.
  • Drinking 80 oz. of clear water a day hasn’t been hard, but I’m learning to start early. Otherwise, I’m up and down all night.
  • I’m using my FitBit to track my sleep. The first night, I got a little over six hours; the last two, I’ve clocked over seven hours. I’m turning off my computer and iPhone at least 30 minutes before bed, but so far, leaving my TV on. I’ve also started wearing a sleep mask to block any light since Sister is usually up later than me.

I don’t think I listed it on the goals for the next two weeks, but I will also be working out every day. That is a regular weekly goal, although I often take a rest day each week. I’m trying to give that up for the next two weeks. I did my strength training on Thursday, cardio Wednesday and Friday.

Three days down, eleven more to go!


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