Tuesday with Traci + Tidbits

Tuesday morning with Traci, always a good time early in the morning!

I got props for:

  • Cooking a turkey
  • Drinking green smoothies twice a day
  • Working the plan and making it work during a busy week

Goals for the coming week include:

  • Increasing time on the elliptical to 25 minutes with six at level three, at least two times this week (keeping strides in the 100 range)
  • Increase amount of green smoothie to 1 cup (up from 1/2 cup) in the morning and evening
  • Try a new recipe: Artichoke Bean Salad


  • I was up and down all last night with a gassy dog, and the last time I was up, I felt faint and nauseous, so I slept in instead of going to the gym. (FYI, dog poots are funny for a few minutes, not so much after a few hours!) That was only the second time that I’ve missed going to the gym, but it probably won’t be the last! My clothes are laid out and the alarm set for 4:45 a.m.tomorrow.
  • I weighed today – starting to weigh weekly on Tuesdays – and I’m now down 22 lbs.
  • I’m now wearing a size smaller bra. (Enough said since I have male readers, LOL.)

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