Tuesday with Traci

I’m starting to love Tuesdays with Traci! Robert had me a little scared of Traci, but she’s really motivating me to eat better and since I have done well, she hasn’t had to fuss at me! 🙂

I got props for:

  • Adding kale to my Taco Soup
  • Making my own taco seasoning
  • Trying not one, but two quinoa recipes (And adding tomatoes to one of them)
  • Consistency
  • “Moving” every day – not one day missed
  • Working up to that elliptical trainer

My goals for the coming week:

  • Make a whole wheat veggie pizza
  • Try Quinoa with Sweet Potato and Mushrooms recipe
  • Move every day and add 6 to 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer at least one day
  • Execute my plan – This deals with plans for a trip I am taking to Kansas City: plans to continue eating well and working out.

Next week will be Wednesday with Traci as I am working all day at the polls!

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