Tuesday Morning with Traci

Always look forward to my Tuesday morning appointment with Traci! Oh, except for today! I was feeling anxious about this trouble that I’m having with veggies! But it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought. Yes, she did say that I needed to get my volume of veggies up. But I also got good marks for not eating out last week, cooking more, cutting out more animal products and getting portion sizes in line.

My goals for the coming week:

  • Keep moving every day, safely (still on the recumbent bike for knee)
  • Try a new vegetable
  • Make one of the dip recipes that she gave me
  • Be consistent (She sensed my frustration from last night)

She also gave me a great tip on how to cook those dang Roman beans that threw me for such a loop yesterday! The crock pot! I’m going to start some this evening so I can make the whole wheat pasta and Roman bean dish that I had in Washington.

I told Traci that I was craving a steak, and she suggested that I go to Earth Fare and get a filet mignon – one filet – cook it at home, enjoy and move on. She said that cooking at home is always a better option because you can control how it is cooked and what is in it. So this weekend, it’s a filet!

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