Transition Wardrobe?

As yet another set of clothes is getting too big, I am contemplating a “transition wardrobe” and what items I should purchase for it. I still have another 30-40 lbs. that I’d like to lose, and I’d like to look presentable while I’m doing it.

Although it’s tempting, I don’t want to spend a lot on clothes that will be too big in a matter of weeks. I’ve been through that, and it is getting pricey. Instead, I’m looking for a few basic pieces that I can mix and match to get by. And luckily, my sister is also the next size down, so I can play in her closet, too.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Black pants
  2. Black skirt
  3. Dress (I’ve heard a wrap dress is a good transition piece)
  4. Suit and/or nice work dress
  5. Assorted tops

If you’ve had to deal with this, please tell me how you did it. Or even if you haven’t and have some suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

  1. Clothing Swap! Get a group of girls together it is time for spring cleaning anyway. Everyone brings what they do not want or does not fit anymore instead of throwing it away everyone of different sizes picks through what works for them. What is left over can go to goodwill!

  2. I’ve been through this with a prior weight loss and I’m going through it again now. It’s hard because I don’t want to look sloppy in oversized clothes but can’t buy a new wardrobe every time I drop a few more pounds. Plus, shopping is so much more fun when you can fit in cute clothes! Basically, my strategy is to spend as little as possible (definitely no investment pieces) on a few basics that won’t stand out if you wear them often. Things that look really bad if they’re too big, like pants. Then fill in with accessories you already have and things that don’t look so obviously too large, like blouses. And as for wrap dresses, YES! I wish all clothes could be adjustable and so flattering. I also buy things on the smaller end of fitting because buying pants that sag a week later is just too frustrating. I’ve thought about having tailoring done on things like that but I paid so little for them in the first place that I doubt it’s even worth it.

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