Time to Compost

When my friend Cyrus, who is employed by ICLEI, asked if he could share my blog, I asked him what environmental folks would get from my “get healthy” blog. He said that he was interested in how we, as sustainability professionals, actually live and that the definition of sustainability is broadening to include the issues I may be covering on my blog. Well, Cyrus, you were right…

Today, Traci called to tell me that Starbucks offered free used coffee grounds for customers to use in their compost bins. Once I got over the fact that she actually goes to Starbucks (she gets black coffee like a good nutritionist vs. the 800-calorie drinks), I asked her if she composted, and she said that she hopes to start soon. The timing of her call was so ironic as just this morning I was wondering if composting would solve a problem we’re having at our house – FRUIT FLIES!

I’ve had fruit flies before, but this time, it’s a much bigger problem. I’ve done all of the tricks listed on Google, but still have some. This morning, as I was about to toss my banana peel, I cringed at the thought of attracting more fruit flies to the garbage can. Then came the AHA moment – I wondered if composting our fruit and vegetable peels would help!

The Cyrus connection is this: Before I started getting healthy at Doctors Wellness Center and working with nutritionist extraordinaire, Traci, I didn’t have to worry about fruit flies as we had very little fruit and vegetables; most everything I ate was processed or fast food!

Pretty neat, I think…I will be exploring the possibility of composting this weekend with Sister.

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