Thoughts on the "First Twelve"

Today, I completed my first twelve weeks at Doctors Wellness Center. Well, technically, I have until the end of the week, but this morning I had my assessment. Just some random thoughts…

  • Traci reminded me that when I first met with her, I told her that I didn’t and wouldn’t eat vegetables. And while I’m still not eating enough of them, I am eating (and drinking) them. I’m sure this will be something I continue to work on in the “second twelve.”
  • Even more exciting than the results I’ve achieved, I was so excited when I heard Traci say to me this a.m., “Look at those triceps.” Huh? I have triceps now? LOL! I can actually see the most definition from my weekly training in my upper body – arms, shoulders, back – but I’m not stopping ’til I have Michelle Obama arms!
  • I am thrilled with the results and how far I have come, but I am also daunted by how far I still have to go. I am on the road to better health for sure, but it’s a trip with many miles left to go.
  • Traci said that until next week, I can just be me. The more improved me, I added, not the one that runs out to Five Guys to celebrate. She said that I didn’t have to journal this week, but I begged for the weekly journal, which she gave me. Writing the day down gives me accountability and helps me spot patterns, both good and bad.
  • Traci asked what I would reward myself with, and I’ve given it a lot of thought. I’ve been buying new clothes as I need them, and I’m trying not to get too many since I’m still losing. I thought about makeup or perfume, but that seems so superficial and fleeting. Maybe something a little more symbolic. Also thought about flowers, but I can pay for two training sessions for what I’d spend on nice flowers. I don’t hesitate to treat myself – I do it all of the time – but as for a reward, I think I’ll be happy with more energy, better health and smaller clothes for now…
  • HUGE thanks to City Manager Steve Gantt and Councilman Daniel Rickenmann, who pushed this pilot program and allowed me to participate. Also to my boss, Missy Gentry, who put my name forward and also motivated me to try the “green drink.” And to Robert Anderson, who has lost 73 lbs. himself, introduced me to Taco Soup ad continues to serve as both a daily inspiration and devil’s advocate.
  • I am also thankful for the folks at Doctors Wellness Center, especially Paul, Traci, George and Daniel. Traci reminds me that I was the one who did the work, but without their guidance, encouragement and motivation, I wouldn’t have been able to do this. I look forward to continuing my work with them to achieve even more.
  • Ooh, that picture on the blog is so 26 lbs. ago! I need to get Sister to snap a new one so I can update it!

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