This Morning’s Big “Stair Down”

Since the rupture, I’m still keeping track of non-scale victories (minus those couple of months that I was offline), but now they’re more often related to my recovery and comeback. Today I had a reality check that I’ll use as today’s non-scale victory, but it’s also worthy of its own post.

This morning, I went to the Urban Land Institute’s Coffee and Conversation at McCrory Construction. The meeting was on the third floor. I took a deep breath and decided that taking the stairs would be a good thing, no matter how slowly I had to take them. (I’ve never been so glad to walk into a meeting in my life, and I was delighted to find an open seat by Grant Jackson.)

Cue to the end of the meeting, when I run into Matt Kennell from City Center Partnership. We chatted for a few minutes, then headed out. Matt stopped at the elevator, and I paused with him for a few seconds. As hard as it was to take the stairs up, there was no way that I was going to skip going down (the easy part!) in favor of the elevator. So I told Matt that I was going to take the stairs.

He replied, “I was getting the elevator for you, thinking you needed it, but I forgot I was with Miss Fitness.”

I felt like squealing when he said that! I’m so self-conscious that I’m not as toned as I was when I had the stupid aneurysm that I overlook the fact that there are people surprised and amazed that I’m even able to TAKE the stairs.

Matt and the folks at City Center Partnership were so sweet to me during my ordeal. They brought goodies to Mom and Beth while I was still unconscious and sent this great picture which really kept me going some days.CCP_MPBSTRONG

Matt, you have no idea how much our encounter meant to me this morning. Thanks for always knowing the right thing to do and say, whether you know it or not!

How blessed am I to have such great folks in my life?!