Things I Have Noticed

Actually started this post on 11/24/10 and added to it. Decided to publish the list tonight and the keep and publish one at the end of each month.

I’m starting to notice some neat changes that have come along with my new healthy lifestyle, but instead of posting them one and one, I’m going to post them as I notice, but publish later.

  • My watch is noticeably looser.
  • I bought (and am comfortably wearing) pantyhose one size smaller!
  • It’s easier to carry in the mega-bag of dog food.
  • I can actually see my shin bones!
  • Today, during my workout, I felt my ribs! LOL! (11/29/2010)
  • My “Earth Girl” pajamas fit comfortably again, and I love wearing them!!
  • My pajama bottoms are getting too big!
  • My bras are all getting too big.
  • Bought underwear at a regular store instead of the “chub shop.”
  • Bought jeans one more size smaller!
  • I can wear a 16-inch necklace again without being strangled. (This is a good one!)

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