The Skinny on Body Image

One morning within the last few months, my trainer, Daniel, put me through what I perceived as a particularly grueling strength training session. As I literally fell into the car, I grumbled, out loud no less, “What was he thinking, putting a 200-something pound woman through that.” Then I stopped dead in my tracks when it hit me: I’m wasn’t that 200-something pound woman anymore.

Since that day, I’ve been particularly interested in body image issues, how we see ourselves differently than others see us. This morning, I ran across this link to body image section and spent a while exploring the information and other links it provided. I bookmarked it so I could explore it more later, too.

Most days, I am quite happy about my progress, and well I should be. In the last year, I’ve lost nearly 80 lbs., but more importantly, lowered my blood pressure, improved my fitness level and gotten rid of my migraines. Yet there are still days that I can only focus on the scales, clothing sizes and the amount of flab that remains on my hips, thighs and tummy. What’s up with that?

Anyone else dealing with this? I liked the 10 suggestions to improve your body image, but I would love to find out what’s working for you. If you’re comfortable, please share it with me on the blog. If not, shoot me an email,

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