The Last Twelve Weeks Start Today

Yep, doing another 12 weeks at Doctors Wellness Center.

My boss, Robert, thinks I’m remedial, LOL. He says I need to go out on my own now. I told him that I had just bought a size eight shirt – something is working, and I don’t want to mess it up!

Actually, I’d planned on continuing with training twice a week, but cut back seeing Traci. But paying for two weekly training sessions ala carte for 12 weeks was a little more $ than the 12-week package that includes Traci once a week and training twice a week. And since I haven’t quite yet mastered veggies, I figured I had nothing to lose. Oh, except that last 5-8 lbs.

So Traci and I met Tuesday and talked about my goals for the next 12 weeks. Her goal for me is simple – to finally conquer vegetables. My goals are to get to my goal weight, get physically stronger and leaner, find another standby besides taco soup and develop a “week in a day”-type set of menus (ala Rachael Ray)  for my way of eating, which I describe as cautiously clean.

For the coming week, my goals from Traci are:

  • Try a new vegetable (I chose celery, which I will try via “ants on a log.” Traci said that I could be generous with both the ants and peanut butter at first!)
  • Do two elliptical days at levels two, three and four for 30 minutes above 130 spm
  • Eat one cup of leafy greens four days this week
  • Increase bean consumption outside of taco soup
  • Exercise six days
  • Help someone at the City who is just getting started on the program by making an extra portion of something I cook and sharing it with them



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