The Kindness of Strangers

They say that you should be kind to everyone because you don’t know what someone might be going through. And today, someone I didn’t know brightened my day in a way she’ll never know.

After my lunchtime appointment with Traci at Doctors Wellness Center, I stopped by Stein Mart for a few minutes. I walked into the petite department hesitantly; I still feel like I should be going to the “chub section.” I was checking out the sale rack when a woman about my age handed me a pair of cute khaki pants and said, “Look at these! They are a steal at $5.95.”

I looked at the size 12 petite, and quickly said, “They are! Too bad I can’t wear a 12 petite.”

She put them back on the rack, then looked me up and down, “I think you should try these on!”

Since I had some other things to try, I agreed, but was mostly just being nice. Imagine my surprise when they fit! They were a little snug for my taste, but they snapped, zipped and passed the sit test! After I got over the surprise, I snatched them up. They will fit as I like in a couple of weeks, and even if I only wear them a few times, the price is right.

As I walked back out, I found the woman and thanked her.

“Thank you for encouraging me to try on those pants! I’ve lost nearly 70 lbs., but still don’t see myself as a petite yet. You thinking I was a size 12 petite has given me the biggest boost, and I really appreciate it,” I explained.

I have to admit that sometimes I see an opportunity to compliment or engage someone, but let it pass by, figuring they’ll think I’m a nut or something. Days like today make me realize that I need to reach out in those situations. Sure, I may risk looking like a nut, but I may also miss the opportunity to make someone’s day like this woman made mine.

And just when I thought the shopping trip couldn’t get any better, it did! When I got to the check out, I found out that the price marked on the tag was wrong. The pants weren’t really $5.95;  they rang up for $3.50! Score!

3 comments to “The Kindness of Strangers”
  1. You do the same thing for me every Tuesday and Thursday morning! Your enthusiam is infectious and your words are so encouraging.

    Your hard work is paying off…you look great 🙂

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