The Final Countdown: Two in Two

In two weeks, I end my final 12-week session with my nutrition counselor, Traci, and I have a goal: to lose two pounds in this final two weeks.

Why two pounds? When I lose two pounds, I will officially have a “normal” BMI, down from “class two obesity” just 17 months ago. I know it’s just a number, and there is really NO deadline, but it’s a psychological thing.

Two pounds doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’ve already lost 87, it becomes trickier! Traci doesn’t believe in losing weight quickly or setting deadlines for losing, but she totally understands my goal. So she’s offered the following tips to help me out:

  • No refined cards, i.e. breads. (But oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice are okay.)
  • Keep daily sodium intake at or below 1500 mgs.
  • Four days a week, eat a total of 1.5 cups of leafy greens. (This is more of a personal challenge as I am STILL learning to eat leafy greens!)
  • Limit daily servings of nuts to one.
  • Drink 80 oz. of clear water a day. (Crystal Light and the like okay, but don’t count toward the 80 oz.)
  • Get six to eight hours of sleep per night. (THIS may actually be the hardest!)

I’ve created a checklist on my iPhone, and so far, after yesterday, I’m one for one — I hit all of the goals! One down, 13 to go!



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