The Downstairs Club

Today was my second day using the recumbent bicycle downstairs.

As I mentioned, there are four of the recumbents: two with TVs, two without. Yesterday, I used the one without a TV. This morning, I caught one with a TV. I use my iPod, but still like the diversion of a TV screen. But halfway through my ride, my rear became numb. I finished, but it was uncomfortable. Tomorrow, I hope to get an non-TV bike.

I thought I was going to have to go to the gym uber-early to get a recumbent bike, but it actually seems like they are more available around 5:45 or 6 a.m. vs. 5 a.m. But the two days I work out with a trainer, I need to finish my 30 minutes by 5:45 a.m., so I’ll have to continue to go in early on those days. But the other days of the week, I think I’m going to come in a little later.

Everyone at the gym – staff and clients are extremely friendly, but the clients downstairs seem to have a little club or something! Both days, an older lady (I think her name is Jan, but I’m not sure) on the treadmill shouts a friendly “good morning” and yesterday, she introduced me to everyone. This morning, she asked me my name so she could introduce me to everyone else tomorrow. And she also said that she could tell that I was “determined.”

Charlotte Berry was there yesterday, and there is also an attorney named Ed who rides a recumbent, too. And it turns out that the bald man I was trying to “beat” to the recumbent bicycle is former Richland Two School super Steve Hefner, who was in the paper today for a new job in District Five. And I know that he is Steve Hefner because “Jan” told me this morning.(BTW, for those of you who know Bob Medlock, can you see why I first thought that Steve Hefner was Bob?)

Today was the first time I had to get up so early on a rainy morning to work out. I’m just about used to the pre-5 a.m. wake up – I did it this a.m. without an alarm clock – but when the rain is coming down, it makes it just a little harder. I  bet it will take a little extra oomph to get up on cold days, too. But for now, the cooler weather in the morning is a treat!

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