Thank You Thursday Letter #1

Dear Laura:

My name is Mary Pat Baldauf, and I have embarked on a Lenten quest I’m calling “Thank You Thursday.” Every Thursday in Lent, I am thanking someone who quietly makes my life or life in the community better.

I have been a Walgreens customer since you opened the Forest Drive location many years ago, and I’ve probably been to the pharmacy department at least once a week every week since. I have seen many pharmacists and pharmacy employees come and go, but I’ve never met one as friendly and customer-focused as Tiffany Davis.

Every time I see Tiffany, she smiles warmly and greets me by name, no matter how busy the pharmacy is or how many other customers are waiting in line. During my last visit, however, she took this spirit of customer service a step further.

I stopped by the pharmacy on my way back from lunch. Ahead of me was an older gentleman who was having some trouble with his prescription. His insurance had changed, and the price of his prescription had increased by $5. He was quite frustrated and a little confused, and he would’ve tried the patience of nearly anyone, but Tiffany was so kind and patient. She helped him understand his options and treated him great respect.

When you visit a pharmacy, it’s usually to treat a physical ailment, not to become a better person. Yet witnessing Tiffany’s kindness and understanding, especially when I had become so impatient with the situation, was quite touching. I left thinking that I wanted to be more like Tiffany and pledged to be kinder and more patient myself.


Mary Pat Baldauf

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