SweeTango = Honeycrisp + Zestar + Lots of YUM!

Sunday, I was wandering the Publix produce aisles in search of Honeycrisp apples. It was so packed that I finally asked one of the produce guys, who walked me over to the Honeycrisp. As I packed the bag, he also recommended that I try a new apple they are carrying called SweeTango. He mentioned that it was a cross between a Honeycrisp and another apple, and that he really liked it. I grabbed a couple, but didn’t think anything could be better than a Honeycrisp.

Today I had my first SweeTango, and wow, what an apple! It’s a lot like a Honeycrisp, but a little sweeter. My word, it was delicious! I was sorry that I only got two and already have plans to swing by Publix at lunch for more.

Here’s what I was able to find out about Sweet Tango apples:

  • Introduced in 2009, SweeTango is a cross between the Honeycrisp and Zestar! varieties.
  • Expert apple breeders at the University of Minnesota spent more than a decade developing the Minneiska cultivar, the apple tree that produces SweeTango.
  • The SweeTango is harvested in late August and early September. That means SweeTango apples are available only for a few months in late summer and fall.
  • SweetTango is trademarked and considered a “managed apple.” Growers have to pay the university for a license to grow the tree and they’re trademarked, so they also have to pay a royalty on the number of apples that they sell. It’s an attempt to control the quality of the

    apple and ensure the long term longevity of the brand.

The one thing I know is this: you better get down to the supermarket and get some of these jewels today before it is too late!

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