Sweet Talkin’ Woman

I wonder if anyone even knows that Sweet Talkin’ Woman is a fab 1978 single by The Electric Light Orchestra? But I digress. For 2011, I hope to reduce my use of artificial sweeteners. Following is an article about aspartame from Fit Day.)

Twelve Health Side Effects of Aspartame

Using aspartame can be hazardous to your health, but it can also have a lot of positive effects on your body. For instance, because it’s a low-calorie sweetener, aspartame can help you to lose weight by cutting the calories that you normally take in by eating sugar. Aspartame can also be a safe alternative to sugar if you suffer from diabetes. It can make your foods and drinks taste better than ever because it is roughly 200 times sweeter than sugar. However, if you use aspartame too often, there are a lot of negative side effects that could impact your health. Knowing about these negative side effects can help you to decide whether or not you really want to risk your health and use aspartame.
Negative Side Effects Of Aspartame
Since aspartame was approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration in 1980, there have been numerous reports about its negative side effects. To this day, there is controversy surrounding what aspartame can potentially do to your body. Here are 12 of the potential health side effects of aspartame:
* Headache
* Trouble sleeping
* Memory loss
* Itching without a rash
* Sudden mood swings
* Diarrhea
* Rash and/or hives
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Abdominal pain
* Seizures
* Blindness
More side effects have been reported, and more continue to be reported to the FDA. And while the FDA has declared aspartame safe for consumption, it’s clear that using too much can be bad for your health.

Protecting Yourself
While there are plenty of negative side effects of aspartame out there, there are some ways to help protect your health if you’re using it. For one, you should not use aspartame routinely and you should certainly not use it during every meal. While it’s a great substitute for sugar, you need to learn to cut back on sweet foods in order to avoid the side effects. Additionally, you need to make sure that you check the nutritional value of everything that you eat to see if the products already contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. Do not add aspartame to something that’s already been sweetened if you don’t have to. It’s important not to gain a dependency on aspartame, as this could eventually lead to negative side effects. Overall, using aspartame in moderation will probably help you to stay away from the negative side effects while still delivering sweetness to your meals. 

Deciding Whether to Use Aspartame
If you’re having trouble deciding whether or not aspartame is the right sugar substitute for you, talk to your doctor about it. Ask if there is an artificial sweetener that could help you avoid the side effects listed above. All sweeteners have their own side effects, so it’s important to use any in moderation. If you do this, you can avoid negative side effects and keep your health in check. You will still get to enjoy sweet foods and drinks, but you won’t have to worry about jeopardizing your future as a result of it.

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